Trading Cards Games – Cardfight Vanguard

Hey everyone, Yannick here

So, you know when you were a kid and you liked playing Yugioh, Pokemon or Magic the Gathering (Actually at played each of them at different time); well, even though I’ve grown up I’ve actually taken a liking to card games. Just the feeling of finding that extremely rare card in a pack that you won from a tournament or such is still very enjoyable. However, as you grow into an adult these games kind of change their meaning because you start to figure out some of these cards actually have value and can be sold for $50. So from entering a $5 tournament, if you pull (Find a card in a pack) worth $50 you’ve profited and earned your entry fee back.

Not only are these card games for the enjoyment of kids, which is the purpose as of why these games have been created; but, there is also a business side to the card games which I’ve seen one guy (He’s very skilled at the game) profit to a high degree.

Around 5-6 years ago I made the transition from playing Yugioh (Which became very unenjoyable) to a game starting out called Cardfight Vanguard. Now the premises of this game is that the first player who takes 6 damage loses, pretty simple. Your units are from clans and each clan has their own specific motifs. I have always been a fan of the moon so my clan is called the Pale Moons (which focus on units from a circus) and considering I’m a clown half the time go figure this was the clan for me :). The art of the game is more animated compared to yugioh, it has a different animation style which I believe a lot of people play it for that reason.

This show also has an anime, which is decent. It doesn’t have the best plot, but it’s also not drop dead boring or repetitive as some TV shows get. I always wonder how people can follow Naruto for 200-700 episodes. Ehh, who knows. So maybe sometime I will be posting a deck up here or me opening a booster box and anyway if any of you are Cardfight Vanguard fans leave a comment and let me know what you guys use or how popular it is in your area. In mine we have a community of around 25-50 consistent players in my area. I’m hoping I’ll see be playing by the time I go to Japan, because down in Japan is where it gets REALLY competitive and who knows it may be fun playing with people while improving my language.

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