So I got hit by a car, but I’ll still keep peddling.

Hey Everyone, Yannick Here.

So today I was originally not planning on blogging, however on my routine Monday leisurely exercise cycle I was hit by a car. I praise every force of nature and God for allowing me to be completely safe with only minor bruising on my arm. So today, what I want to emphasize the realization of the importance of being a defensive cyclist and the deeper meaning behind the incident.

Image result for Yowamushi Pedal

Recently, I started watching a Japanese anime called Yowamushi Pedal New Generation and it really made my think of trying out cycling. In the past I was apart of my University Dragon Boat Team and that was extremely fun, plus I needed to let off a few pounds after my final year of university. So that led me to frequently cycling and the things I’ve noticed when you’re not in a big urban city is that people do not pay attention to cyclists that much because there are either only people walking or cars. Sometimes when you’re on the road as a cyclist people may get annoyed because they cannot pass you, or they have to switch lanes to pass you. However, learning from this experience STAY ON THE DANG ROAD. A car NEEDS to be able to see you at all times, the reason the guy hit me today was because I got tired of someone complaining about me on the road, and look 5 minutes later I get HIT BY A CAR (Minor injuries – Bruising to arm, but that’s it). Stay on the road. Secondly, I was extremely lucky, but if you really want to remain safe wear a helmet. It’s your choice, and my position as a hypocrite does not help; but, just know if this ever happens again that a helmet can save your life. Finally, just be cautious as I have just learned cars are a constant and permanent threat to cyclists as they can just come out of nowhere because there are people known as bad drivers or unforeseen circumstances. I’m sure the elderly man who hit me today was not a bad driver and he definitely was helpful, but yep things happen!

Now, what I mean about the deeper meaning of this situation is that I’ve always been the type of person to avoid conflict or try to run away when traumatic/problematic situations occur. Normally I have the chance to run, but this time it just hit me all at once. Go figure. I recently just had a tough time writing my exams due to the sheer amount of work that was assigned, which caused me to grind through stress and problems and change my negative and evasive method of thinking to a new positive and confrontation form. Momentarily after the crash I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I should just stop cycling and stay safe and jog.” Though that’s not me anymore, I’m not the same person who would run away from problems or exams in University, I’m a better me who can conquer problems and deal with real situations when they happen. Don’t get me wrong when that car was going to hit me I was surprised, but life goes on. So in a way, I feel this was a trial just to show me how far I’ve come and grown from the Yannick who started university. Furthermore, I only wish to keep growing and overcome more problems or trials, accepting them as challenges and conquering through!

That’s all.

Yannick Lyn

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