Breaking the Limit

Hey Everyone, Yannick Here.

Well, the day finally came yesterday. My convocation. Now I know I haven’t revealed too much personal information about myself, but what I can say is my diploma. I graduated with a BSc (Bachelors of Science) and a minor in Japanese Studies (Language). After all my of classes, exams, note taking, downfalls, triumphs and experiences – I have one thing to say. Where the heck am I going?

Looking back to my high school days, it seems I had the same question. At first I chose a different University besides Western University to attend, however in my lack of diligence I did not click the confirm button and I did not confirm my acceptance to McMaster. Funny how life worked out, because later I chose Western because it had 4 years of Japanese language classes. However, my main goal was to enter university to become a doctor like every science-oriented high school student. I didn’t even look at how my campus looked before I came, I guess I was kind of an adventurer even back then . It really is funny that I made a commitment to take Japanese all 4 years of University and I ACTUALLY CARRIED Through with it. Sometimes I don’t think of myself as a very committed guy. but when it came to anything to do with Japanese studies I was always running headfirst into the wall of problems I’d have to overcome. Occasionally, I would receive assistance from my friends, teammates and family; although, when it came to Japanese it was generally my own will and effort which had to carry me through it. I love my minor in Japanese Studies. Don’t get me wrong, science was hard too and it made me overcome my biggest obstacle in my academic career, however my Japanese minor had all of my determination, interest, effort placed into it. While my science degree tested and forced me to continuously improve my work ethic, realism and raise the standards of my work. At the end of the day, in my current state I feel I can apply everything from my science work into my Japanese studies, but it’s a bit harder to do vice-versa.

Now, after University I’m out job hunting and discovering “Hey, the world isn’t as clear cut as I hoped”. The job economy is poor, everyone has biology degrees nowadays, technician jobs are all being occupied by college degree studies with the technician degree specifically. Nevertheless, there comes a time in all our lives where we had to wake up and smell the fresh cut grass after leaving your university and it’s time to make your impression on this world. Though, how does an undergraduate who has just graduated make an impression on this world? I don’t know your answer, but I’m starting to find out mine. I’m no Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande; however, similar to the way I entered University, I have learned so much from my previous post-secondary education that I feel prepared to go out into the real world and face these challenges. My dreams changed from becoming a doctor (which I applied none of my motivation to), into finding a method to head to Japan and develop my career around the area of my life I truly enjoyed. The difference from high school to now, is that I’ve actually been taking steps in the past to achieve this goal my whole life. I watched anime all the time as a kid, when the opportunity presented itself to learn Japanese I basically leaped at it without considering many other factors, and finally I have had the joys of working with amazing students who have helped my Japanese Blossom. These amazing students were the JSA of my University, as well as the teachers, who showed me that there will always be a home where foreigners and Japanese individuals can come together unite through the common interest of Japanese culture.

This finally leads me to what I truly learned about myself in University. I doubt myself way too much and it is a big obstacle which must be overcome in every challenge, so I believe I’ve become a much more confident individual. I also discovered better social interactions and what I want in my friends, after all surrounding yourself with individuals you like and respect is a great thing. The saying goes, “We are a compilation of our 5 best friends”, so I don’t think I’m doing that bad in that aspect. Finally, I have discovered my interests and the work ethic to try and make it a reality. I have found hobbies that I like (singing, anime, origami and etc.) and I can honestly say them out loud and follow my path, which is something I didn’t tend to do in High school. So I’m ready to move forward from University, with life, with fitness and with new found friends.


Thank you,

For everything University

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