Jyuuhan Shuttai! [重版出来!] JDrama Review

Hey everyone, Yannick Here.

Today I will be reviewing a popular Japanese Drama known as Juhan Shuttai. The meaning of 重版出来 is an additional printing, or second edition. Now, I am not an expert on manga culture at all, however from what I see in Japan, if a manga sells out and requires a second printing that is a sign of success. The story follows a very unique character Kokoro Kurosawa (Kuroki Haru) as she applies to work as a new editor for a manga company. As the story progresses Miss Kurosawa, works with other members of the editorial department and the financial department of the manga company to try and maximize revenue of their company’s released manga issues.

This drama is different from other Japanese dramas such as Hana Yori Dango or A Litre of tears, firstly, it is not a romance drama. Secondly the focus does not really seem to be on the main character, but on the other individuals she finds to try and draw manga for her company. Kurosawa-san’s job requires her to scope out new talent, but also help maintain the manga artists who have already been assigned to the company. She starts by helping out a professional manga artist who is assigned to another editor at first, though after a while she is assigned her own individual manga artist which she discovers herself.

Now I did enjoy this type of change in a Japanese Drama, though my only ordeal that I found was that the main character was not likable nor did she stand out at all. Each other individual character seemed to have their own struggles or demons which they had to overcome, however the main character of this series seemed as if she always had luck on her side and could accomplish almost anything. Even when she fails once, it did not matter to me as an observer because the problem was not of a great importance to the plot and she seemed as though she could rectify the situation quickly. I also was not a fan of the actress’s gestures and attitude at times because it was too bubbly and unrealistic as a person. Sometimes in these Japanese Dramas there comes the huge motivational speeches, but the main female character just sounded whiny and the acting felt like it was pushed.

Ironically, what I did enjoy was EVERYONE but the main character’s acting. Everyone else’s characters felt authentic as I was watching and I felt that I would rather watch the series for the other individuals rather than the main character.

The knowledge you do gain about drawing manga as well as producing it make the series a good small educational bit on the art of manga. It makes you more appreciative of hard work no matter what the task, as some people may not see Manga illustration as a talent, but a hobby instead.

Overall I give this series a: 7/10

If you’ve watched this drama, I’d love to hear from you. Agree or disagree, we can have a discussion.




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