What time is it? Summer Time!

Hey everyone,

it’s your friendly neighbourhood Gaijin, here to bring you a summer time update in Japan. Canadian Summer Vacation has already begun around 2/3 weeks ago for High School students, but here in Japan it will begin in 1 week. The students will be freed from their daily classes for a month, but that does not allow them to skip their after school activities. The students have to attend their regular club activities in the summer mornings or afternoons; they will normally have their practices in the morning, since the students don’t have classes. Alongside all of the summer homework each teacher gave them. So, if the students are at school in the summer – you can bet the teachers must be as well.

Image result for Kids out for summer Hsm


My plans for this summer break are simple. Welcome the new ALTs into my town and help them with their troubles as much as possible (as it was done for me). Continue to study Japanese as I have just written the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N2 level. Finally, I just hope to enjoy my summer. Especially since one of my Canadian friends is visiting me in Japan and we are going to take a road trip! I will post about the Ehime prefecture after I visit, but I hope your summer is going well! Oh, this year Japan’s summer is actually quite mild – I hesitate to imagine what next year’s summer will be like during the Olympics. If you get really good weather one year, that normally means the next is going to be torturous.

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