Tokyo: The Land Dreams are Made Of

Hey Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been gone for a whole month. It has been a very busy time with my school’s Sports Day and Culture Festival, as well as my parent’s visit to Japan. It didn’t leave too much time to update my blog, plus I had a weird feeling bug me the past month which didn’t make doing tasks any easier. So, this month I explored Tokyo where I was able to eat some good food and also spend all of my hard earned money – as Tokyo is expensive. When foreigners visit Japan, everyone always thinks of visiting Tokyo because it is so well advertised on the internet and in media, also it will be hosting the Olympics next year. However, the Tokyo life was not the Japanese life that I have grown accustomed to and here in the countryside – there’s an eternal rat race going on in that city.

Now when ALTs depart from the JET Programme, if they are to pursue a career in Japan alot of them end up in Tokyo. As Tokyo, being the largest populated city in the world, has many company headquarters stationed within it; furthermore, these companies require global connections to spread their influence past the borders of Japan. Now that leads Tokyo to be perpetually busy with multiple people packing the trains during rush hour, then my butt being uncomfortably rubbed up against the body of other commuters and tourists for the next 20 minutes. After living in the tranquil countryside being able to walk to my workplace every morning, it really made me question is this the ‘youthful’ lifestyle that I want once I leave my position? Well, it’s not like anyone is forcing me to live in Tokyo, but if that’s where the good job opportunities lie then that’s where I have to go.

On the other hand, Tokyo is super fun. The night life is incomparable even to Osaka, there’s always so much to do with people around my age. In the countryside I don’t often get to socialize with individuals around my age group, besides my fellow ALTs (even though I accidentally called one of them old the other day – opps). All of my friends that I made in the Western Japanese Student Association, if they live in Japan, live in Tokyo. It made it very convenient to meet them during the week. I don’t have as many friends who live in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto or Hokkaido; so, if I lived in Tokyo I would probably be much more social, then more importantly – broke.

If I moved to Tokyo, I definitely think it would take me some time to adjust to the living conditions. There’s no doubt in my mind that my living conditions would be downsized, as getting a decent priced place in Tokyo is already a big enough problem. I’m glad though that I was able to visit a lot of tourism sites with my family, after 2 days that city just made me feel like I need an escape. All of the museums, attractions, people, trains and etc, are nice; but, I perfer vacations which are quiet relaxing and away from such a high amount of people. Maybe next time, I’ll put a ballot in for Hawaii – I always love the Luaus.

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