Summer Vacation Part 3 – Naoshima Islands

Long time no see everyone,

I’m sorry I haven’t written for a while. Your friendly Neighbourhood Gaijin seems to be quite busy as this new term started and I only seem to be adding more things to my plate. Nevertheless, after visiting Ritsurin Park I stayed in the lovely capsule hotel, WeBase Takamatsu, where I enjoyed a very nice small bed space and a tasty morning breakfast. If you need cheap, comfortable and accommodation that is close to the city, I believe this is the place to stay.

In the morning, we planned on travelling to Naoshima Island using the high speed ferry, which costs around $10 compared to the regular slower ferry that costs $5, unfortunately for us that ferry sold out. The person in front of us bought the last set of tickets and there was only one left, so I left my friend to take the slow one while I took the high speed ferry. We took the slower ferry and arrived late to the Chi Chu Art Museum, but luckily they still accepted our passes being around 30 minutes to an hour late. Naoshima Island is a place with spectacular art, I don’t often get time in my daily life to appreciate the finer things that people put so much time into creating. However, because it’s an art museum they didn’t allow us to take any pictures of the exhibit. Though I was able to get some flowers around the area, and I have some pictures from outside. There are 4 exhibits inside of the Chi Chu Art Museum: The Claude Monet paintings, the Walter De Maria 2.2 diameter sphere, the James Turrell light room and the architecture of Tadao Ando. All of them are very interesting and I think you should check them out if you enjoy art. By the way, I was joking about leaving my friend – we both took the slow ferry.

There are also two other art museums on the island, but photos were prohibited in all of them as well. My friend wasn’t too impressed with the museums because the tickets were about $20 each, to just see around 3 or 4 exhibitions. The trip was quite pricey just to see art, but there was some cool ones. Like in the ChiChu Art Museum there was a wall which you could walk into and once inside, the optical illusion made it difficult to tell the depth of the square wall. It was really cool, but quite expensive.pjimage

Also, I highly recommend stopping by a spectacular ramen restaurant, Udon Honjin Yamadaya if you’re close to Takamatsu City. It is a spectacular restaurant. The ambiance is divine, the prices are very affordable and it was the most delicious udon restaurant that I have eaten at in all of Japan. There’s nothing more you can ask for. Oh, it’s also near the top of a mountain by the way.


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