Kobe Illumination 2019

Hey Everyone,

it’s your Friendly Neighbourhood Gaijin here! Time goes by so quickly when you get busy. Last year, I was just getting used to Japan so I really didn’t have much to do during this time. However, this year I’m much busier. I had an English Christmas Camp, a translation workshop and just more responsibilities in general to handle before Christmas. To be honest I could not be happier. As my Japanese progresses I hope to open up more doors and opportunities in the future which is one of the many benefits of the renowned JET Programme. I am truly starting to feel grateful towards the placement I received and everyone who has support me in my transition to the Inaka.

Although I have been busy, I still have time for things that are important. I visited Kobe’s Illumination for a second year with my good friend, Jin. She’s an expat like me who lives in Japan and is trying to make life work for her.

Now although Japan decorates for Christmas, something about their Christmas festivities does not replace a Canadian Christmas. The lack of propaganda in the mall and not decorating classroom doors in school does not quite set me in the mood for Christmas. Christmas is about the gathering of family, the spirit of giving and cold weather accompanied by snow. Japan doesn’t cross these 3 check boxes for me. The closest that puts me in a holiday mood is the Kobe Illumination ceremony, and as some of you know I went last year as well. Here are some of the many photos I took.

It’s immaculate, but DANG STREET LIGHT!

This dome was my favourite part of the show this year.

I’m returning to Canada for Christmas, but I would like to wish you all – no matter where you are, a season’s greetings and a Happy Christmas from me to you. Merry Christmas.



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