Himeji City: Hotel Monterey Hotel

Hi everyone!

It’s your friendly neighbourhood Gaijin here. So this weekend I decided to take a vacation to Himeji city and I stayed at one of their newest built hotels – Hotel Monterey Himeji. It’s right by the station and I was curious to check out the features of a less commonly visited location in Japan. However, I have recently seen more and more tourists in this relative area. So I want to show you guys some of it’s features: close hangouts and restaurants, the amenities of the hotel, the style of the hotel and the convenience.


Close Restaurants and Hangouts:

Lamp Bakery – 68 Honmachi, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0012 (I apologize for the finger)

This place has fantastic baked bread creations and very tasty burgers. It is right by the traffic light near the castle entrance. Please give it a try. Their avocado burger is normally sold out by the afternoon, however the bacon cheeseburger and egg and bacon burger are tasty as well. Plus, their fries are very tasty.

Rei – 363-1 Ekimaecho, Himeji, Hyogo 670-0927

A fantastic Thai restaurant if you want something other than Japanese food when you come visit/ or are working in Japan. It tastes fantastic and it’s literally right by the station, but in a small alleyway.


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When we paid for our room it came with a free breakfast package (2300 yen per adult otherwise). The hotel has a European Renaissance feel to it with starlight chandeliers, some interesting art and a nice lounge where you can relax and enjoy complimentary coffee. There is a community bath on the 4th floor which I did use, but still as a foreigner there are some times I feel a bit awkward bathing in the same vicinity as strangers.

Appeal of the hotel:

There are many things that you are able to do by this hotel. It’s about a 15 minute walk from Himeji castle which is extremely popular and an extremely nice place to visit during Sakura Season (Although it will be packed). Also there is an area called “FESTA” where you can purchase various Japanese goods, sweets and trinkets. They have a lovely umbrella shop, chopstick store and a flea market (only on Sundays) near the castle. They also have a shrine where you can stock up on your good luck charms for your next exam or company’s success. Please make the most of your time.

A man at the local flea market told my that Himeji Castle is sometimes known as the Eagle castle because it’s outer design was supposed to resemble an eagle. What do you guys think?
A Japanese Mikan sweet which I bought from a local dessert store. It tasted exactly like a Mikan and wasn’t that expensive either.
手毬ー駅東大路 So, I forgot to get the exact address of this place. However, it’s on the road between the Monterey Hotel and the Castle. If you need more details, please comment below and I’ll try to help you out more.

Proximity from the station

The hotel is located very close to Himeji Station. As you leave the station exit close to the Starbucks, you can see the sign as you turn right. The hotel entrance is actually at the backside of the building of the building closer to the McDonald’s, but if you enter from the front side you will still be able to take the elevator, as you see the hotel’s bridal store.

If you end up visiting the Monterey in Himeji please let me know and feel free to write about your visit.

Have a good one,


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