Hello everyone,

I’m Yannick.

What is a Gaijin Moment?
Gaijin (Formally – Gaikokujin) is a term used in Japan to describe a foreigner, sometimes in a bad way or other times just being explicitly called a foreigner. Well moving to the foreign country of Japan isn’t easy, and it takes its toll sometimes; however, the experiences of growth and times I’ve spent in Japan have made it well worth it.

I’ve come across a few strange situations as a foreigner. For example, there was one time I pretended not to understand Japanese and went to an unusual area in the Apple Store to charge my phone. When I was confronted with security, I just gave him an extremely puzzled look and carried on charging my phone briefly so I could make a call to my friend. I believe the best way I can sum this up is by calling it my “Gaijin Moment”, something that could only occur to a foreigner because if I was Japanese person in this situation perhaps things would be very different. Other moments are just learning about the cultural norms, experiencing the joys of Japan through the viewpoint of a Canadian and even your occasional Gaijin Smashes (not proud of these at times), but I learn from these moments day by day and they make me a better person. I hope you enjoy reading about my journey.